The Plight of the Honeybee

The plight of the honeybee

Today honeybees face many threats to their survival:

Intensive farming – The destruction of woodland and wildflower meadows means bees must travel further for food.

Insecticides – Used by farmers and gardeners to protect their plants, these can also kill bees.

Pests – Tiny Varroa mites feed on honeybees and have spread quickly around the world carrying viruses that can destroy an entire colony very quickly. Beekeepers now fear the arrival of an insect not from the UK, the Asian hornet, which will eat bees.

Colony Collapse Disorder – In the United States and Europe colonies have been found containing no adult honeybees, scientists do not yet understand why this happens.

There are now very few wild honeybee colonies in the UK. Keeping bees helps to ensure the species will survive and keep our crops pollinated.